Drew University’s New York Semester on Communications and Media brings Drew students into the City two days a week to learn about Communications and Media from those inside the companies and organizations at the heart of these related industries. Classroom lectures and discussion frame the questions students ask with history, context, and analysis. Lectures from industry leaders and participants introduce students to the profession from the inside, discussing their career trajectories, evolutions in the field, and their predictions for the future. These visits and externships provide an in-depth experience with the various companies and careers within them, and immerse students in the work, technologies, and concerns that make New York City the hearts of the communications and media industry.

The website shares our insights, from interviews with industry leaders and profiles of companies to our blog offering tips to interns and new arrivals in New York, from the cheapest eateries to the best falafels and donuts and more. Check out our externship posts for the Equal Rights Advocates Tradeswomen’s Tuesdays campaign, too.

Use the following links to learn more:

What is Communication Studies?

What is the Communications and Media Industry?

What does this program do?

Who is participating in Spring 2015?

How do I join this program?

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