The Best Photography in New York

New York City is buzzing with culture and serves as the art capital of the world. Chelsea, a west side borough in Manhattan is home to art galleries, artist’s studios, and the infamous High Line, which first opened in June 2009. In Chelsea you will find Aperture and Danziger Gallery personally two of my favorite places that never fail to feature some of the best, brightest, and upcoming photographers. If you head just downtown (to their new location) in The Bowery you will find the International Center of Photography or commonly known as ICP. In New York Aperture and ICP are well known for their exhibition spaces, but also the ways in which they foster learning within the medium to the outside world. So if you have a day or two get out in the city enjoy the High Line, which also features art as well and dive into the diverse art world that is just under an hour away in New York City!

The best places to visit include the following:

Aperture Gallery

547 West 27th Street, 4th Floor

New York, NY 10001


Aperture serves as a gallery and a place for learning. The not-for-profit foundation was established in 1952 by notorious photographers who felt there needed to be a place to discuss and foster the medium of photography. The notables that established Aperture include Ansel Adams, Dorothea Lange, and Minor White. The space hosts a gallery space, artist’s lectures, and classes to the public.

The current exhibition on display is Playground, photographs by James Mollison. The next exhibition to open will be May 14 featuring the work of LaToya Ruby Frazier: Selected Works.

 International Center of Photography

The Bowery, Downtown

Also known as ICP the center serves as a place dedicated to the medium of photography. In the center you can find a museum, school, and public programs. They offer a range of courses from certificate programs, continuing education programs, and master’s programs as well. The center also hosts a library dedicate to the medium, which has photo books, articles, and other resources.

Currently, ICP is under renovation and is set to open again in their new location in Fall 2015.

 Danziger Gallery

521 W 23rd Street

New York, NY 10011

After being established in 1990 it is now known in 2015 as one of the most well-known and establish photography galleries in the world. In 2004 the gallery moved to it’s current home in the Chelsea location. The current featured exhibition is Matt Lips and beginning May 7th Inge Morath-Masquerades and Enoc Perez-Cut Shapes.

Fitness Frenzy

Today’s generation is focused on everything and anything branded including fitness apparel. Many tweens, teens, and young adults find comfort and style in their favorite fitness brands. The most recent and top brands in fitness fashion include Lululemon, Athleta, and Fabletics.

Merchandise at Lululemon is typically more expensive and an ordinary workout top can range from $42.00 to $74.00. A favorite workout top of mine includes the Run Swiftly Tech V Neck shirt ($58.00) paired with the Speed Short 4-way stretch ($54.00). The colors and patterns they feature depend on the season and generally the company rotates in new merchandise every four weeks. The one way they continuously appeal to their target audience is by featuring new patterns and introducing new clothing styles to keep customers loyal and wanting more. The workout apparel is both functional and comfortable and most use it for more than just a workout.

The brand Athleta was acquired by Gap in 2008, but just recently the brand has taken off and is on par with Lululemon in retail. The brand is not quite as expensive as Lululemon, but their merchandise is beginning to become more expensive and competitive. An equivalent short is the Ready Set Short that sells for $44.00 and is available in multiple colors a similar shirt is about $44.00. Athleta similar to Lululemon also changes their patterns and merchandise frequently. The merchandise associated with the Gap brand draws from an older market and consumer.

The most recent face of workout apparel is Kate Hudson and her line Fabletics, which was established in July 2013. The gear is available strictly online and is offered only if you sign up using a username and password for a membership. The first outfit that you purchase from the site is just $25.00. A similar vneck shirt is the Nora, which costs $19.95. A basic performance legging the Lima capri is just $34.95. This brand appeals to the older and younger consumer because it is affordable, comfortable, and convenient. The only downfall is that it is strictly available online and difficult to gauge sizing especially for us shorter and petite folks!

As a young adult my vote for the most comfortable, functional, and fashionable fitness apparel is Lululemon, though I will always be impartial to a good pair of Nike running shorts and an oversized t-shirt for a casual and comfortable look! I have found that Lululemon has the most depth meaning they appeal to all ages (I have seen anyone from young elementary students to grandmothers in the Summit, NJ location!). They also have the most depth in their merchandise and offer something for every athlete or someone who just wants comfort rather than to workout in their gear.

Written By: Jacqueline A. LaBrutto

Growing with the City


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Most class days, there are a few of us who arrive to the classroom early. During this time most of us eat some breakfast or catch up on work. But we occasionally have some interesting conversations. One such conversation, of which I cannot recall the context, centered on this question: are there natural occurring triangles?

IMG_7485A quick Google search quickly answered our queries: yes, there are natural occurring triangles, although they may not be perfect. This prompted me to look around the room, even out the window, for anything natural. Besides our bodies, and the clouds in the sky, every single thing was man made. I had never before noticed how completely we were surrounded by concrete in our tiny classroom in the middle of the city. It was an oppressive realization: everything seemed crowded, harder, and a bit more intimidating. All around us, nothing was growing.


However, the next morning on the way to class, I had to walk through a construction site. This wasn’t the first or the last time I had to detour from the sidewalk, walk under scaffolding, or up a ramp due to construction. It was then I realized that I had been wrong; the city is growing, constantly! New York City is unique because it is relatively new compared to many ancient cities in older societies, but has developed so rapidly. The construction that goes into creating some of the most beautiful architecture in the world is going on every day when I walk to my class. The city is growing up around us.


Not only are the buildings constantly fluctuating, but we’re growing too. The people that drive New York City are one of a kind. No person is a like, and I can see hundreds of different characters on my walk to class. Each day, even if I pass the same person on my commute, they’ve grown, and are continuing to grow. My classmates and I are also growing along with the city. Through this semester we’ve learned so much about communication and media, but have also learned more about ourselves.


Even though New York City is a bit intimidating, it can be so much more if one remembers to be curious and grow with it.



Written by: McKenzie Chapman

Macaron Frenzy


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By Sydney S. Wood

Ever have a hankering for something sweet? I know I do. For when these times come, I know exactly what I want, and that is a French macaron. Not any French macaron however. All macaron enthusiasts know how to distinguish a great cookie from an okay cookie. The ratio of filling to cookie is crucial, while the chewiness and structure of the cookie is extremely import

IMG_6679IMG_6682ant as well. For those who aren’t familiar with the French macaron, it is pretty much the best cookie you have ever had, but again, only if you find the right one. Two delicate shells made of egg whites and almonds, sandwich delicious fillings such as caramel or chocolate, and even more exotic fillings like passion fruit or rose water buttercream. The appearance of these cookies rivals their taste, because they are always presented so beautifully in wide ranges of colors. However, there is nothing more depressing than a less than satisfactory macaron. I always make it my mission to find the best place, and New York City has many offerings when it comes to good quality macaron.

It wouldn’t be appropriate to have a conversation about macaron without mentioning the famous Laduree. This bake shop originated in Paris, but over the past few years, a few locations have popped up in the City. When visiting Laduree, you are almost guaranteed to hit lines, so keep that in mind. However, the wait is undeniably worth it for these macarons are truly out of this world. I highly recommend the Pistachio or Fleur de Sel Caramel.

If you don’t have time to wait in line at Laduree, there is always the La Maison du Macaron, which is conveniently located just a block away from our classroom on 132 West 23rd Street. Although I love everything about Laduree and what it stands for, I have to say that these macaron are my all time favorite. They have a brilliant selection of flavors, my favorite being the White Russian and the Passion Fruit. Not only this, but their filling to cookie ratio is always on point. And lastly, La Maison du Macaron has the most delightful sitting area. A sitting area like this is nearly unheard of in the city–it is quiet, comfortable, and rarely crowded, not to mention they have a bathroom–also unheard of in the City.

With these two recommendations, you are bound to find a perfectly delightful macaron in New York City. I always encourage you to try new places because you never know who is going to make your favorite macaron yet. Just trust that you will know a good one when you have it. It’s like finding the perfect wedding dress, you just know when it’s right.

How we get from Point A to Point B


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Drew University is beginning to be known as the university and the city because of its close proximity to New York City. Within the spring edition of the Drew Magazine, the topic of coverage was showing the readers and alumni how studies don’t just happen at Drew, they happen all over.

Drew to NYC

Because of the Drew Magazine I thought it would be interesting to show our readers exactly how we get to and from NYC every Monday and Wednesday. Here’s a quick snapshot of our travel from Drew to Penn Station.

  • Leave Drew University’s campus by foot or car and head to the Madison train station, a quick .5-mile walk downtown.
  • Take the express NJ Transit train from Madison into New York Penn, a trip that takes only 50 minutes on an express train, which only makes three stops before expressing directly into the station.
    • The train ticket costs only $11 one-way (rate is expected to raise in October by a max of 9%).
  • From there we either walk to our class location or take the 1,2,3 train downtown two stops to be closer to our classroom.

Madison is located on a midtown direct train line, that not only the four NYC semesters, but also students take advantage of Drew’s location to this train station frequently.

If you haven’t received a Drew Magazine yet, I highly encourage you to take a look at it. It’s filled with so many amazing articles on the Drew NYC programs and Global Ed programs Drew offers, while also talking about alumni that are now living abroad and how Drew has supported and helped them.

Written By: Michael Pellessier

Visiting New York City? Want to escape to a Park? You’re in luck, visit Bryant Park.


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Bryant Park ©Michael PellessierNestled behind the New York Public Library and between 40th and 42nd street and Fifth and Sixth Ave. is Bryant Park, a small park (in comparison to Central Park) with so much for locals and tourists to do.

During the winter months Bryant Park converts its lawn area into a free ice-skating rink and pop-up shops for holiday shopping, but since this is the summer months I’ll focus on the summer activities and amenities that are available at Bryant Park.

©Michael PellessierIn the summer months Bryant Park opens at 7:00am and is open until 11:00pm in May and midnight in the following summer months. Visitors to Bryant Park have a plethora of amenities to take advantage of why visiting the park. That being said, sometimes people are just there to sit on the fresh green grass and soak in the sun. Some amenities that are available during the summer months to enjoy are; the grounds, Le Carrousel, Art Cart, Chess & Backgammon, Ping Pong, Bryant Park Grill and so much more. Even better, with the New York Public Library backing up on the park, simply go grab a good read and enjoy reading it a©Michael Pellessiert the park.

Getting into the world we now live in, Bryant Park has wireless Internet available for visitors of the park. Visitors can simply connect to the network, accept the te
rms of use and get on with your day replying to work emails, surfing the social media sites, or watching your best Netflix show.

So the next time you’re in the area of Bryant Park, make sure to take some time and enjoy all that the park has to offer.

By: Michael Pellessier

Painting the City


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10491191_10206051780923318_2316038563986524807_nWe all walk the city, going from building to building as the architecture permits. But how many of us really see where we’re going? Many people walk down New York City’s West 23rd Street, but few of us ever take the time to notice this artistic rendering of Walt Whitman near the street’s intersection with the Avenue of the Americas. I in no way condemn breaking the law for art—this poster, along with the writing behind it, unlawfully defile this wall—but it is important to acknowledge that New York City and other large cities like it are expressing themselves unto deaf ears.

Public art says more about the city, I think, than anything else. That’s part of the reason why the Metro subway lines sport different mosaics at each stop, such as this Alice in Wonderland mosaic on 50th Street:

10991254_10205798181503491_3228114402742053809_nThe difference between the poster of Mr. Whitman and this mosaic of Alice and the White Rabbit is that while Mr. Whitman was displayed unlawfully, the mosaic was commissioned by the city. Both, however, are steadily fading into the background. These two pieces of art are meant to move us, but instead our eyes just glance over them as our legs carry us to wherever we need to go. New Yorkers and tourists alike truly do not understand this beautiful city.

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 11.14.17 PM

In 2013, my friend sent me this image of an original Bansky graffiti painting. Bansky, for those who don’t know, is an artist who, during his time in New York City, graffitied buildings as a way of creating interactive art. The location of his works were tweeted whenever possible and an interactive Bensky NYC map was created, which can be found here:

Sadly, much of his art has been painted over or damaged by other artists. But Bensky’s work lives on because it moved so many people, showing that one of the most effective ways for a city to express itself is through its art. I’m not quite sure all graffiti work is art. It would seem to me that people simply graffitiing their names as a sign of marking territory are not artists, but I may be wrong. None of this, in fact, may be art. But it’s safe to say that one of the best or most interesting ways to spend your time in any city is to keep your eyes open to the imagery around you, which I strongly encourage everyone to do.

Written by Alexander Slotkin.

Finding The Best Donut In NYC

Throughout the semester, we have made it our mission to find the tastiest doughnut in New York City. The quest for the best donut began on our first day in the city, when we discovered the Carpe Donut truck just blocks from our classroom near Madison Square Park. After our first stop at Carpe Donut, we shifted our focus to internet searches, Buzzfeed articles, and Yelping to lead us to our next destinations. We scoped out, in advance, a number of donut shops near our classroom, as well as elsewhere in the city close to places we visited for class to try! Our adventures have led us to food trucks, small pastry shops, restaurants, doughnut-only shops, and many more exciting places serving up a variety of doughnut delights.

Below you will see a chart tracking the places we have visited this semester serving up the tastiest (and the not so tastiest) doughnuts in NYC:

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 2.27.19 PM

Doughnut Plant: We’re not ashamed to say we made many trips to Doughnut Plant throughout the semester, not because it was our favorite, but because… how could you not stop in when you walk right past it?! Doughnut Plant was conveniently located at the exit to the 23rd Street Station for the 1 and 2 trains, which we frequently took from Penn Station to our classroom. We were fairly impressed with the offerings at Doughnut Plant, but feel that the Green Tea Donut was a bit scarring because it was way too matcha-y and subsequently made us feel that perhaps Donut Plant is doing a little bit too much with their donuts. The Creme Brulee Dough Seed, however, was a highlight of our experience at Donut Plant.

Carpe Donut: We enjoyed the donut we got from Carpe Donut and appreciated the “hot off the truck” nature because it is so fresh and simple. Carpe Donut serves cake style donuts that are fried in the truck. Ours came dusted with sugar. The downside of Carpe Donut is that it is constantly on the move and unfortunately we never made it back to the truck a second time to relive the experience!

Dunkin Donuts: When we think of donuts, we think of Dunkin Donuts because it is everywhere, making donuts an extremely accessible snack. However, we feel that Dunkin produced a sub par donut that doesn’t stand out among the shops that specialize in donuts. For an on the run snack to pair with your coffee, this is acceptable, but we’ve become donut connoisseurs and Dunkin Donuts lacks uniqueness.

Tres Carnes: We stumbled upon Tres Carnes looking for a place to eat for lunch and found not just an excellent taqueira, we also found DONUTS! We were pleasantly surprised to find a donut as the sole dessert item on the menu here, so we couldn’t leave without trying one! We were impressed by the originality of the Dulce de Leche Donut. It was fresh and the filling was not too sweet. It wouldn’t be our first stop for a donut because Tres Carnes doesn’t come to mind when we think of donuts, but its definitely worth stopping in for a treat to pair with your tacos!

Mille-Feuille: When we popped into Mille-Feuille, we couldn’t help but feel like we had been transplanted into a small boulangerie in the heart of Paris! Mille-Feuille is everything French and more. While we didn’t make it to Dominique Ansel for the original cronut, we can certify that Mille-Feuille is turning out some wonderful renditions of the cronut. We enjoyed the light and flaky nature of the cronut and the simple glaze on it. They weren’t too buttery like a croissant, but not as doughy as a donut. By far, the cronut at Mille-Feuille was the best donut we consumed this semester! Mille-Feuille also offers a variety of other french pastries and cakes for purchase at their shop!

Dough: We found Dough to have a wide variety of unique options and toppings on their donuts, and they were much more ornately decorated with various embellishing ingredients than the average donut, but did not feel that these toppings contributed greatly to the overall flavor and taste of the donut. However, we did prefer the donut quality and taste to that of Doughnut Plant. In the case of Dough, we have similar sentiments that more toppings and complex add-ons did not result in a better donut, sorry S’mores Donut!

We hope, in the future, to take on the New York City Donut Crawl, which takes us to twelve donut shops, scattered throughout New York City, in one day. It seems like a tall order, but its probably the best way to determine the best donut shop!

Happy Donuting!

 Kirby & Taryn

The Most Unique Flower Shop in All of Manhattan


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Bill’s Flower Market| 816 Avenue of the Americas |Est. 1936

Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 4.29.30 PMAs a man who buys his girlfriend flowers every week, I know Bill’s Flower Market is the most unique place in the business. Family owned and operated since 1936, the proprietor of the store does an excellent job making you feel as though you’re shopping in a small mom-and-pop store. Customer service is better here than at any large flower shop you may come across, and the products themselves show the personalized and detailed work that can only come from a small, family owned store. The owner’s artificial birds are really pieces of art, as well as his artificial flowers and flower arrangements, perfect for decorating a dull room or your wedding. I personally enjoy Bill’s individually sold flowers and plants the most. Take a look below at the cactus I surprised my girlfriend with—I’ve never seen anything like it!

11149323_673143609497441_6816682976290698295_nIf this doesn’t convince you that Bill’s Flower Shop is one of Manhattan’s best kept secrets, how about a photo of some of the company’s flowers and an excerpt from a nice poem?                                                          

Gather the Wildflowers                                                                      Martha Hoffman       Screen Shot 2015-04-25 at 4.43.40 PM

Gather the Wildflowers, Spring’s purest pleasure, / Beautiful harvest for little brown hands, /         Singing and laughing o’er each new-found treasure / Let your glad voices float over all lands.

Written By Alexander Slotkin.