Brooke Kaufman

Profile PictureClass of 2015|Business Studies

Meet Brooke Kaufman, a senior majoring in Business Studies from Annandale, New Jersey. In addition to being heavily involved in on-campus activities, she has also studied abroad in Japan and is now taking on New York City as part of Drew’s first New York Semester on Media and Communications. In ten years, Brooke hopes to find herself with an established and flourishing career.

What are you involved in on-campus outside of your day-to-day academics?

On-campus, Brooke is heavily immersed in student life and culture. She serves as the Vice President of the University Programming Board (UPB), is on the Student Conduct Board, a part of the Orientation Committee, a member of Hope Now, a club dedicated to educating about and advocating against bullying, works with Campus Recreation as a referee, and as a desk attendant and manager in the Simon Forum. She has also previously worked in the Admissions Office as an Admissions Counselor Intern.

What factors prompted you to declare your major in Business and how has it influenced your Drew education?

After taking a multitude of classes in a variety of subject areas, as is typical of the standard liberal arts student, Brooke settled on pursuing a degree in business because she felt like it was a safe choice, particularly considering she was unsure of her optimal career path at the time she had to declare a major. Looking back on her choice, she feels that business has provided her with a new perspective on learning and a diverse education that has prepared her well for her future after graduation. She feels that her advanced economics courses, particularly Intermediate Microeconomic Theory and Corporate Finance, have really put her major into perspective and encouraged her to develop herself into a more well-rounded student. She feels that the challenging course load that comprises the business major at Drew has allowed her to become more self-disciplined, organized, and enabled her to develop a higher level of self-respect.

What attracted you to attend Drew University?

One of the primary reasons Brooke selected Drew is because of its small class sizes and how they contribute to an extremely individualized education. As a high schooler, Brooke saw the small class sizes as a way to stand out as a student, and not just a number. She was also attracted to idea of a liberal arts education. As a high schooler, Brooke reminisces that she had a limited perspective on academics and the academic opportunities available at the undergraduate level, which made the idea of a liberal arts education that exposes you to a variety of subjects and ideas very attractive.

What life experiences have shaped who you are as a person?

Brooke credits her recent travels to Japan, as a part of a study-abroad trip sponsored by Drew last spring to helping her to become a more confident individual. The trip was her first time abroad and was also spent without family. She feels that her travels have enabled her to feel confident taking on cities and new adventures with an open mind and adventurous spirit.

What is your favorite part of having class in New York City?

Brooke feels that the New York Semester on Media and Communications is providing her with an excellent foundation to develop her navigational skills. She feels that being able to get from place to place in a city and understand the way the streets are laid out is an important life skill to have. In addition, it is a life skill that can only be developed and refined through spending extensive amounts of time in the city, which is a unique characteristic of the New York Semester program. Perhaps the best part of being a part of the New York Semester on Media and Communications, she feels, is having an opportunity to explore the city with both an academic and social mindset.


Written by: Kirby Clark 

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