Jacqueline A. LaBrutto

Class of 2015

Studio Art / Business Studies, Photography, Italian

1469958_10152066442356974_1604764448_nMeet Jacqueline A. LaBrutto a New Jersey native and senior at Drew University majoring in Studio Art and minoring in Business Studies, Photography, and Italian. At Drew she has had a broad range of opportunities including a summer studying language and culture in Orveito, Italy and a semester studying contemporary art in New York City. 

What experiences led you to wanting to partake in this Communications/Media Semester?

When I asked LaBrutto about why she wanted to be part of this semester she focused on the opportunity she was given in fall of 2013 where she was able to be a graphics design editor for the New Jersey Devils and then returned in the spring of 2014 as a marketing intern. “This previous experience, my unique major and minors, and the unique opportunity to use New York City as a resource and a classroom prompted me to apply and pursue this program in communications and media,” said LaBrutto.

In your college career, was there ever a time when you doubted yourself and/or your decisions? How did you overcome it?

Throughout LaBrutto’s freshman and sophomore year she struggled with the particular area of study she would pursue. During her high school years she realized that she was strong in the arts, but also had a large understanding of business and basic finance. “After spending my freshman year and part of sophomore year undeclared I decided a studio art major and a business studies minor would be a perfect combination,” said LaBrutto. She later declared two other minors, Italian, which she took on after spending a summer studying in Italy, and Photography because of her concentration in her major and interest in the field. If she could have, LaBrutto stated, “I would double major in studio art and business studies and would keep my Italian and photography minors.”

Have you had any life experiences that have significantly shaped your life who you are as a person?

Back in February of 2007 the whole LaBrutto family took on a new interest, the involvement with The Seeing Eye, Inc. based in Morristown, where they became puppy raisers. Now on their fifth dog they are raising, her whole family enjoys being actively involved, as it, “has opened my eyes to gifts that people take for granted everyday such as vision and health,” said LaBrutto. Seeing the dogs they have raised help the visually impaired all over the country is extremely touching for LaBrutto. “The ability to help others and give people the freedom and health that I have, has been very rewarding,” stated LaBrutto.

Why did you choose a liberal arts education?

When LaBrutto conducted her college search as a high school junior and senior she did not have her sights set on any specific type of education. Fortunately for LaBrutto she has thrived in the small liberal arts setting and has had experience in various fields of study, off-campus programs, and internships. The type of colleges that she was interested ranged in everything from specific art schools such as FIT to large state universities such as Miami of Ohio in Oxford, Ohio. One of LaBrutto’s motives to attend Drew stemmed from her older sister a recent alumni and double major in Economics and Political Science she wanted to follow in her successful footsteps. She expressed that she is happy she chose Drew because of it’s strong academics and the sense of community amongst colleagues and professors on campus.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

When asked what LaBrutto hoped to be doing in ten years she expressed that she hoped to be working in a field that has multiple dimensions and applying her major and minors to her career. Aside from working in an established career she hopes to further her education by pursuing a Master’s Degree. Immediately following her graduation from Drew in May she hopes to be an involved alumni and hopes to continue to work closely with the departments and programs she is involved in on campus.

Written by: Michael Pellessier

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