Lindsey Altongy

Class of 2015 | Documentary Studies


Interest in The New York Semester on Communications and Media

Rather than choosing an existing major, Lindsey decided to create her own. With the support of her academic advisor, Lindsey drafted a proposal and composed her own curriculum to create “Documentary Studies.” Lindsey and her advisor agreed that the New York Semester on Communications and Media would enhance her work in Documentary Studies through its emphasis on storytelling. She also believes that the program will provide her with examples of different industries that could potentially be platforms for presenting her photographs.

Extracurricular Activities at Drew

Lindsey focuses on one main extracurricular activity on campus: The Drew Review. As the campus’ undergraduate research journal, The Drew Review provides students with a platform to publish their writing and share their research endeavors with the Drew community. Lindsey’s role as a corresponding editor allows her to help bring in submissions, as well as work with the other members on the editorial board to read and revise essays, determining those that are fit for publication.

Venturing to New York City

Lindsey is a New Jerseyan born and raised, though she has not spent much time in New York City. During the New York Semester on Communications and Media, Lindsey is learning not only about the industry, but also about how to navigate the city. She is working on mastering the subway system, exploring neighborhoods, and discovering the best eateries along the way.

Influential Class at Drew

A particularly inspirational class during her Spring 2014 semester was Photography II, Drew’s darkroom photography class. Learning to shoot, process, and print black and white film changed Lindsey’s perception of her artistic capabilities, as well as solidified her creative direction. She now uses 35mm black and white film as her main medium and spends hours in the darkroom every weekend, improving her printing techniques and building a portfolio.

Plans After Graduation

After graduating, Lindsey plans to work on photo-essays. She hopes to travel throughout the United States, expanding her current exploration of architectural decay. She then plans to combine her photos and writing to publish a photography monograph. She hopes to present her work in gallery settings, as well.

Favorite Aspect of a Drew Education

The freedom to shape her own education is Lindsey’s favorite quality of Drew. She believes that students have a great amount of input on what they study, allowing them to explore diverse subjects. After creating her own major, Lindsey was able to take courses from over four different disciplines and synthesize all she has learned to enhance her understanding and experience of culture.

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