McKenzie Chapman

Class of 2015 | Film and Media Studies | Chinese Studies



Pursuing a Passion for Film

A Drew senior in her final semester of college, she had entered Drew with the anticipation of being an English major. Then further into college, the combination of both film and literature courses illuminated McKenzie’s desire to specialize in film. After taking media studies, she decided to pursue creating a special major. Film Studies is not a major offered at Drew and she did not have the ease of just “picking it off a list,” she says. At the time, there was no rubric to follow when McKenzie chose this major, so her decision truly had to be made with the utmost confidence and assurance.


Chinese Communications

For Chinese studies, McKenzie explains that when she entered Drew her interest leaned toward learning Japanese originally, but unfortunately that was not offered. She proceeded with Chinese knowing that once she had learned Chinese, Japanese would become easier to learn in the future. In the Chinese major, there are six language courses that an individual needs to take. In addition, McKenzie went to China where language classes were daily for the duration of the trip. She studied daily at Harbin Normal University. Being immersed in the culture greatly improved her language skills and she hopes to return to China at some point to continue to strengthen those skills.


Looking Forward

In the future, ideally she would be working in film. McKenzie does not want to limit her involvement in this industry but sees herself in multiple roles. She says she is passionate about film analysis, so working as a critic really interests her. McKenzie can also see herself working at film festivals where she could exercise her developed skills in organization and leadership in a community based around film. However, there is also a little spark inside her wants to make movies.


Strengths and Motivations

In terms of strengths, McKenzie has great empathy but she acknowledges how at times that could be a weakness. One of her weaknesses revolves around her sensitivity. It is a weakness that she is overcoming my gaining more confidence. McKenzie is always working towards becoming a better person. She says that she has an easy time placing herself in another’s shoes and has an open mind. One of her practical strengths that she champions is her organization; she is very good at prioritizing.

Written by Raphael Tshitoko

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