Michael Pellessier

Class of 2015 | Business Studies Major, Photography Minor
‘Solving problems before they even surface’

Meet Michael Pellessier a Washington State native taking classes in New Jersey at Drew University while majoring in Business Studies and minoring in Photography. Having participated in study abroad opportunities, he is now studying media and communication in New York City.

What attracts you to the field of media and communications?

When I asked Michael this question he spoke primarily about his hope that this NYC semester would really help to shape the way that his future would develop. He stated that he “really liked the business aspect of communications” as opposed to a more analytical approach to business that is normally taken. He named Wall Street as a potential career avenue that he would like to explore.


What is your major/minor(s)? How has your major shaped your perspective?

Michael’s major is in business and he is also minoring in photography. With these two fields of study, Michael combines the analytical nature of business and the more organic and artistic side of photography. As he discussed in the previous question, he hopes to use his major/minor to find a career that uses the less analytical side of the business world and focus more on incorporating media studies and communications.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Michael sees himself working in New York City with some sort of marketing or communications industry firm. He hopes to actively move his way up the professional ladder, and also focusing on being student loan free!

What would you like to do when you graduate, ideally?

When he graduates, Michael pictures himself going into PR, perhaps with a company like Peppercomm for example. Most importantly, Michael wants to know that he has a job upon graduation. He “wants to walk across that stage knowing” that he has a job waiting for him.

How did you decide your major?

Michael knew about his major before he came to Drew, which is pretty unusual for most incoming freshman. He discussed how schools usually like you to enter college with an open mind for your major, but he said that he always knew he wanted to do business. For the majority of his adult life, he had been involved in some sort of business field, so he knew that his calling was to go into the business major program.

Written by: Sydney Wood

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