Raphael Tshitoko

Class of 2015 | English Major | Business Studies Minor


Raphael is an English major because writing has always been a natural talent for him. However, Raphael’s English major did much more than just hone his writing, it widened his perspective. Not only did his English major make him thankful for having access to such a wide range of texts, but Raphael realized that reading was an invaluable skill. Raphael said, “An English major teaches you to place yourself in another’s shoes.” Because of his English major, Raphael is more sensitive of societal issues, and is very aware that not everyone’s voices are heard equally. Raphael hopes to use his ability to write effectively to give voice to those who are often stifled.


In addition to his impressive writing skills, Raphael counts his work ethic and patience among his greatest strengths. Although he has found these strengths tested, he is always able to step back and take things as they come. However, Raphael does sometimes find it difficult to retain interest in things that don’t spark his passion. Despite this, he has learned how to stay in the moment and find a mindset that keeps him driven. He is always motivated to “be better than what he was.” Raphael knows that his goals can only be attained through hard work, so he is constantly “reevaluating himself, the kind of person he wants to be, and the steps he needs to take to reach that.”


One of those goals is working towards a job or internship in film or television. Raphael specifically mentioned working on content for Fox, ABC, or HBO. Although he isn’t sure which specific role he would like to assume in the industry, Raphael said he was eager to observe and learn more; he loves getting his feet wet. He expressed an interest in writing, but finds himself intimidated by the incredibly smart writers working today, which means that there is just that much more to learn. However, as Raphael continues to motivate himself, he will surely be able to use his writing to craft witty, unpredictable storylines that give voices to the marginalized.

Written by McKenzie Chapman

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