Sabine Reedy

Class of 2017 | English | French | Women’s & Gender Studies


Sabine is a sophomore at Drew University majoring in English with a concentration in communications and double minoring in French and Women’s and Gender Studies. She is a proud member of the Drew Feminist Union and Drew’s annual Dance Show.


What are your majors and minors and how have they shaped your view of the world?

I am an English major enrolled in Drew’s communication track and a French and Women’s and Gender Studies double minor. In the beginning of my career as a college student, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do. I decided to minor in French because I studied French in high school and I felt that it would be valuable to be familiar with a foreign language when going into the real world. I would say that my Women’s and Gender Studies major really shaped my perspective on things, more so than my major. My first Women and Gender Studies class opened my eyes to the inequality of our world. Also being an English major has really helped with my critical and analytical thinking skills, as well as my writing.

How would you incorporate your interest in women and gender studies and your interest in the field of media and communications?

I want to use what I learned in my women and gender studies class to responsibly portray women in the media. The way things are now, women are portrayed as being too passive and in many ways a sexual commodity. So I really want to avoid these biases in my work.

What would you say motivates you to do what you do?

I think what motivates me is my passion to learn new things everyday and to grow as an individual.

How would you describe the NYC communications and media program you are currently enrolled in to someone who may not know much about it?

We spend every Monday and Wednesday in NYC from about eight in the morning to five in the evening. The first half of the day is spent in a classroom much like any other class. But the neat thing about the program happens after lunch, when we meet business professionals in the different fields of media and communications. There, we get a hands on look at how the field of media and communications really works.

What is your ideal job when you graduate from Drew/graduate school?

That’s a good question, but to be honest I don’t have an answer at this point in time. I am considering a career in publishing, which I would not have considered before if I did not attend this program. I may also be interested in a career in PR or marketing at a place like Porter Novelli or Peppercomm because they are places where as an employee you are constantly challenged and learning new things everyday.


Written by: Alex Slotkin

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