Sydney S. Wood

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Sydney Wood:

A current Jersey girl, originally from South Carolina now living in Colorado and taking classes in New York City- what state is next?!

After speaking with Sydney over the phone her and I definitely got to know each other better.  Sydney is loving the Media and Communications semester and is eager to continue her education at Drew University.

What is your favorite aspect of being a student at Drew?

Sydney is a transfer from Saint Elizabeth’s college right down the road!  Her favorite aspect is how different the two schools are.  Sydney loves the full academic and social experience she gets at Drew, that was definitely lacking at her previous school.  She had mentioned that the first time she had visited Drew, she knew that this was the place for her, she loved the classes, the academic level and the social level.

Have you participated in any other off-campus programs abroad or in New York City while studying at Drew?

This is where our conversation got interesting.  At Drew, Sydney has only done the Media and Communications semester.  Although, in high school she had done an off campus experience at Parson’s School for Design in New York City.  She had been in this program for three years where she had primarily studied graphic and fashion design, but after taking her time in the program, she had decided that it was not the right path for her.

Tell us a little bit about yourself; what are your top strengths, weaknesses, and/or what do you want people to know about you?

Sydney definitely feels that she is a very optimistic person.  She explained to me how she is almost always trying to stay optimistic, which results in a low variation of moods.  Although, her weakness results when her mood turns sour.  Sydney said that since she is such an organized person, she has strict scheduling because she is very involved.  Her weakness is that when people cancel or have to reschedule on her last minute, she easily gets upset and discombobulated where she has trouble figuring out her new schedule.  A fun fact about Sydney that not many people know about her is that she moved to New Jersey from Colorado.  Her parents currently live in Colorado, after the entire family grew up in South Carolina.  Once moving to New Jersey, Sydney has felt comfort from having family here and being so close to the city.

What is your favorite part about taking a class in New York City compared to taking one on campus?

Sydney explained that since she has been to New York City before this class on such a regular basis, she has been pretty familiar with the city.  She loves that every single time she goes, she discovers new places and new things to do.  Sydney also explained that knowing your way around New York City is not only beneficial to one’s future, but she gets to learn about life in general from all of our different places and speakers that our class gets to visit.

What attracts you to the field of media and communications?

Sydney said that since her first week in college ever, at her previous school, that there is a professor who had her Doctorate in Communications, where Sydney had taken her class, Introduction to Mass Media.  From the first day of class, Sydney had fallen in love with the field.  She is very fascinated how media can manipulate people and vise versa.  She knew that she had been so passionate about the subject because she had never flipped flopped from one subject to the other, she had always been passionate about this field.

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