Taryn Murphy

Class of 2016 | Sociology and Spanish Double Major

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 2.21.22 PMTaryn Murphy is a junior at Drew University in Madison, New Jersey. She is a double major in Sociology and Spanish, and is currently participating in the New York Semester on Communications and Media. Taryn is a member of the Drew University field hockey team, and is currently serving as Managing Editor of Drew’s student run newspaper The Acorn, Press Secretary of Drew’s Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) and is a member of the Landmark Conference SAAC.

What attracts you to the field of media and communications?

Taryn’s interest in the field of media and communications began at an early age under the tutelage of her mother, a pharmaceutical marketing and advertising professional at Havas Health. Beginning at age sixteen, Taryn has gained valuable experience through several public relations and marketing internships, confirming her desire to pursue a career in this industry. In addition to her internship experience, Taryn’s involvement in various clubs on campus has been a great way for her to explore her passion for the industry and gain valuable experience managing groups, marketing events, creating content and more.

What are you involved in on-campus outside of your day-to-day academics?

Since arriving at Drew, Taryn has established herself in the culture of the university. She joined the staff of The Acorn, Drew’s student-run school newspaper at the beginning of her freshman year, first, as a sports writer, and the following year, as Co-Sports Editor. This year, Taryn has been promoted to Managing Editor of The Acorn, while also serving as Press Secretary of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC). As Press Secretary, Taryn is responsible for managing the club’s social media platforms, photographing games and events, creating advertising materials and content to promote all SAAC events and more. Her work at The Acorn and Student Athlete Advisory Committee has prepared her for the New York Semester on Communications and Media, and reaffirmed her passion for public relations, marketing, and advertising. Taryn’s campus involvement and dedication to her studies is largely shaped by her experience as an student-athlete. She is a member of the field hockey team at Drew and also enjoys playing ice hockey and golf. Taryn believes that her involvement in athletics has developed her sense of determination and taught her how to maintain a results-oriented mindset.

In your college career, was there ever a time when you doubted yourself and/or your decisions? How did you overcome it?

When she first arrived at Drew as a freshman, Taryn recalled feeling intimidated by the expertise and level of confidence the upperclassmen on her field hockey team had both on and off the field. Taryn explains that over time, she “learned quickly not to get discouraged by a bad game or a bad day in the classroom by telling [herself] that [she] came to Drew for a reason, and that [she] belonged on the team and in the classroom, and needed to maintain that high level of confidence [she] knows she has and continue persevere.”

This summer, Taryn has plans to combine her interest in communications with her passion for athletics. She has recently accepted an internship with the Boston Red Sox Client Services Department, expressing that the experience is “a dream come true.” 

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